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I kind of remember, the day in which I got my first camera.

It was the 1995 and there was a ‘new entry thing’ in my house, a polaroid on the table of the kitchen. I was five years old.

Five years old is a period of limitless creativity. Is at that age that I started spreading in most of the artistic fields, but especially in writing, drawing and photography. Three obsessions that still drives my emotional life in so many ways.

In that era, me and my parents lived in Tenerife, in the exotic context of Canary Islands.

During the 90’s they were not as much touristic as they are nowadays: the land of the hippies and of all those people who where escaping from someone and somewhere or the right place to be for those who just had a dream of an happy life in a warm weather, surrounded by nice people, beach, slow days and the right amount of work.

It did not work; or well it did, but things does not last forever.

In 1998 after having tried to live in some other places around Africa and Latin America we went back to our origins.

When I was eight years old we moved to live in Italy. More specifically in Rome, the city where I was born in 1990. Back to the roots.

I kept on making pictures with my polaroid until 2002. Year in which I got my first digital photo camera; It was a simple Canon model, not too expensive and not even bad for a kid. It was okay, considering that I was not the perfect person to give expensive things to, it was really okay.

The first time I really felt in love with someone, in 2009, this someone bough me a present and that was a Fujifilm. This guy spurred me so much to find my artistic path and I think I own him many of my developments in those fields. He is a musician with sense of beauty and amazing technical capacities with so many instruments, but no organization at all in his head, therefore unfortunately he still gets lost in all that creativity.

I enjoyed making pictures in a very compulsive way in that epoch; I could just go out from my house by my own for hours, observing the reality, analizing it and trying to make a portrait of the things I was seeing. I was living in Rome again because I felt in love, everything was perfect, well not perfect but I idealize a lot things, so lets say that I was in love, making pictures, sometimes happy some other unhappy, a more realistical view.

Rome, especially during the spring season, is so inspiring.

In 2012 me and my lover, split, I should say ex-lover then. He eventually decided to run away with my bestfriend’s sister and after he regreated it, funny story indeed. We are friends now, very good friends; I am not capable of retaining any kind of anger to anyone, better to say any feeling in general, it’s kind of a problem sometimes.

Lets go back to our story. I was feeling so free after the breakup that I decided to make my first travel all by my own. 3 years and a half of relationship, very intense relationship, it felt like a lifetime together. I took an interrail ticket for 22 days and I started my adventure through europe by experiencing the use of couchsurfing and meeting some spotted friend across the countries. A very nice trip, loads of feelings, reflections, thoughs, writing and pictures.

While I was enjoying myself in a party in a bar in Paris. Sadly, I was so distracted, and maybe yeah I drink a little bit too much: happy, dancing around, making friends, that’s how I left my dear Fujifilm at the bar. We could call it funny subconscious action, or maybe not, but its playful to see it that way.

Few months later, I was thinking in going to live in Cuba for becoming a doctor (this idea is still in my mind) but I met a guy from Sicily while I was staying in Bologna at a friend’s place, it was his room mate. We started to be involved by each other to that point that I decided to stay in Bologna and enroll into another kind of degree, which seemed to be very enjoyable for my way of being : Natural Sciences. It really was, well still is.

It is nice to remember that the shot that I made under his place, while I was waiting him in a small park at the bus station of Bologna, made me won a prize in a photography context with Nino Migliore with my “I vecchi amanti”. It was the first time that I won anything in my life probably.

I must say that it was quite exciting, I felt that maybe I should believe more in myself, so I took the decision to bet a little bit more on my capacities and creativity. Believe in me.
Those are clear signals from the Universe path, aren’t they?

The second birthday I spent together with the sicilian geologist, he bough me a Canon reflex camera. He hopefully saw my passion for photography;  I started again making pictures and some years passed, it was the 2013.

Now, here I am in 2016 living in Granada finishing my last year degree in Natural Sciences, with many ideas on my mind.

I think I am going through a small crisis of the 25 years old, you want stability, you don’t want it, you want to travel, you want to find a house, you want to commit or you just want adventures, you want to work or you want to express yourself to find your own way and place in the world, is a complicated period, you want it all still not knowing what you want. At least, I got to the point in understanding which things I do not want in my life.

Oh and there is something else that I wanted to say, just wait one minute more, please.

I like to imagine photography as if we, the ones who stands on the other side of the camera, where breaking the time, stopping it in images that are captures of the movements of the light.

One of the biggest inspirations that pushed me through this way. Is a person with who I share the most this passion and one of my bestfriends. I want to thank her so much for always trusting me, for inciting my will for photography and spur my curiosity in most of the things in life; I want to share with you her online portfolio ‘Petali di polpa‘. I find some of her works really astonishing and brilliant so go and give it a look if you wish.

Ok, I think I am done.

I hope you enjoy my photography.

Lets be clear, I do not expect to be the best photographer in the world, I am aware that the earth is fulfilled by amazing artists much better than I am. But, at least, I hope that I can lend you the glasses that I wear, giving you a show of my perception of the world for the few seconds that you are staring at my work.

Maybe you will like how I see things.


Carmen Maya Posta